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Send bulk SMS from internet

Important notice!!!

Inviosmart decided to terminate its site and SMS services

We would like to inform you that inviosmart will terminate its service on 1-August-2017.
That means, users can still use the service and site, until that day, but cannot purchase any SMS credits.
In case you need to send a batch, but your current balance isn't enough for it, then please contact us and provide the extra amount you want to add to your account. We will then send you an invoice in order to pay it and then add these extra credits to your account.

Thank you very much about your cooperation

The Inviosmart team

  • send parametric bulk sms with one standard high quality
    High quality of SMS service - One standard, high quality route for all You can choose the sender name Delivery reports Contact assignment to many groups from contacts import You can schedule messages delivery Parametric messages HLR Lookup - Check number status with ease Concatenated messages Global coverage - More than 720 operators

    High quality sms service and powerful options for all

  • low sms price, marketing, sms notification

    Inviosmart has the most competitive prices and quantity discounts, in conjunction with high quality of service.

    Boost your sales with sms, the direct and instant way to advertise your enterprise. Inform people for sales and offers and promote your products or services.

    Use Inviosmart and: Don't have to install any software to your pc You don't have to pay anything else, about account setup fee etc. The remaining account balance will never expire.

    Inviosmart as SMS marketing tool

  • Invio SMS via web dal tuo pc con vari modi

    Send SMS from internet with many ways


SMS messaging service

Inviosmart offers bulk sms solutions and sms marketing tools via internet. Reaching your audience with a single click, has never been easier!

SMS messaging nowadays is the easiest, direct, cheap and efficient way to advertise your products and services. You can see the effect of using sms for your promotion even a few minutes after dispatch.

It is also the best way to inform people for events, offers, outstanding financials etc. We have many different options for you to send your messages, which you can find them in Send SMS menu item.

At Inviosmart available sms sending options are:

Possible use cases of sms:

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